Regular Examinations Are Critical

Horses today are living considerably longer than they did a mere 25 years ago. It is not unusual to see older animals with few, if any, remaining teeth.

Changes in Diet
By modifying your animals' lifestyle from grazing to a subsequent stall receiving purely hay and grains, you have already changed the way your animal maintains his teeth. Managed properly, your veterinarian can show you how to carefully remedy this challenge effortlessly.

Enhance Performance
Considering the tremendous emphasis that is placed on performance and growth, it is essential for young horses to sustain regular dental visits. Broken teeth and sharp edges procure pain and sometimes cause lacerations in the mouth, impeding productivity and food efficiency. Resulting from poor dentistry, the reluctance to wear a bit can cause "hooks" to form causing neck, back and possibly hind limb problems.

If your horses have not seen a dentist recently, why not give REVS a call today at 716) 629-8384.

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