The Benefits of Choosing a Licensed Veterinary Practitioner

Helping you make the right choice

The benefits of choosing a licensed veterinary practitioner to handle your animals, special medical needs are innumerable.

Qualifications Matter

Qualified individuals have a genuine interest in providing superior health care to your horses. A significant amount of time, including college, veterinary school, post-graduate training and continuing education, has been invested in obtaining accurate knowledge to ensure correct and proper diagnosis.

A health care practitioner addresses the uniqueness of each case, diagnose and make accurate recommendations of the entire anatomy and determine future care needs.

Some examples include:

Detailed Records

Dr. Jeanne Best ensures careful maintenance of medical and dental records. It is important that every visit, tooth eruption, wear, and tooth loss as well as oral cavity changes are recorded.

Ongoing Care

Dr Jeanne Best also optimizes the effects of the entire procedure by recording and monitoring any sedatives, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and vaccinations both present and for future use.

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