What you can't see can hurt: The hidden dangers of parasites

What you can't see can hurt your horse. One of the best examples of this is the damage caused by internal parasites. Remember: your horse doesn't have to look "wormy" to be affected. In fact, the majority of the damage done by parasites is subclinical.

As parasites grow and migrate through your horse's system, they rob your horse of vital nutrients and cause extensive damage to its lungs, liver, arteries and intestines-all factors that affect how your horse feels and performs. As a result, parasites can be a cause of colic in horses and respiratory disease in foals. Because the damage is internal, you can't see it. But it's very real.

You can rein in the daily threat of internal parasites with a thorough, well-designed parasite control program that includes a daily dose of Strongid@C or Strongid@C 2X. Highly palatable and effective, these products are fed daily to continuously prevent the growth and migration of parasite larvae before they have a chance to cause permanent damage to your horse's tissues and organs.

Conventional purge dewormers do a good job of removing adult worms at the time of treatment. However, your horse can quickly become reinfected - in some cases, picking up parasite larvae with nearly every mouthful of grass - as soon as the dewormer has cleared the horse's system. That's what makes Strongid C and Strongid C 2X unique. It can be used to prevent parasitism, not just treat it.

Now is the time to review your horse's parasite control options. Ask us about a program that includes the preventive care of Strongid C or Strongid C 2X.

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