First Aid Information

Your Horse’s Vital Signs:

Temperature: 99.5-100.5
Heart Rate: 32- 44 beats per minute
Respiratory Rate: 12-24 breaths per minute

First Aid Supplies:

Antiseptic solution (betadine or chlorhexidene)
Antiseptic scrub (betadine or chlorhexidene)
Saline Flush (contact lens saline bottle)
Dose type syringe
4”x4” gauze squares for cleaning and wrapping
Antibiotic ointment (Nolvasan or triple antibiotic)
Wound pads (diapers or feminine pads work too)
Rolled gauze (brown gauze works best)
Thick, fluffy quilts of the appropriate length
Flannel wrap or knit (track) bandage
Masking tape
Small dishpan style bucket (to soak a hoof)
Epsom salts
Duct tape or some hoof boot
Bandage scissors
Spare halter and lead (with chain)
Flashlight, extra batteries/work light, extension cord
Hammer, nails, double ended snaps, baling twine (to hang an IV), bucket heater
Thick, heavy ropes to help turn a horse
Broomstick/PVC pipe for splinting

Medications: All prescription medications must be dispensed by your veterinarian. Follow all directions you are given concerning the medication.
These include: eye ointments, colic medication, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, etc.

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