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Dental Care Hoof Health Care
Diseases- Select Topics Life Stages
Feeding and Nutrition Protecting Your Investment
First Aid/Emergency Care General
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Dental Care

Every Horse Needs Dental Care...Including Yours
Like humans horses also require dental care to maintain overall health.

Maintaining Your Horse's Well-Being with a Healthy Mouth
Signs That Your Horse Needs Dental Care
Top Ten Reasons Your Horse Needs Regular Dental Care
Regular Examinations Are Critical
Is Sedation a Necessary Measure?
Learn to Recognize your Horse’s Dental Problems


Diseases - Selected Topics

Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC)
Important and up-to-date information about disease outbreaks and threats.

Protect Your Horse with Veterinarian-Administered Vaccinations
Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis)
What to Expect After Your Horse's Vaccination
Stopping Rabies Starts WIth You
Potomac Horse Fever - It's Time to Focus on A Mysterious Disease
When It's Mosquito Season It's West Nile Virus Season
10 Tips For Reducing Your Horse's West Nile Risk
What You Can't See Can Hurt: The Hidden Dangers of Parasites
Why a Horse Needs a Coggins Test to Go to a Horse Show
Protect Your Horse from Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)
Protect Your Horse from Strangles
Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis ( EPM)
Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS)


Feeding and Nutrition

Interpreting an Equine Forage Analysis
Feeding For Cold Weather
10 Tips for Choosing the Best Hay for Your Horse
10 Tips for Fighting Fungus-Infected Fescue
10 Tips for Preventing Colic
10 Tips for Weight Reduction in the Overweight Horse
Reduce Your Horse's Gastric Ulcer Risk
Possible Treatment Options for Metabolic Disorders


First Aid and Emergency Care

Equine Emergency-Evacuation Kit Checklist
First Aid Information


Hoof Health Care

Learn to Recognize the Sign's of Laminitis


Life Stages

Help Your Mare Have a Safe Delivery
Orphaned or Rejected Foals Management Tips
Help Your Foal Grow with Proper Nutrition
10 Tips for Caring for the Older Horse
Euthanasia: The Most Difficult Decision
Burial Options


Protecting Your Investment

Preventive Health Care: Doing What's Best For Your Horse
The Benefits of Choosing a Licensed Veterinary Practitioner
Be Prepared for an Equine Emergency
Don't Skip the Purchase Exam
Understanding Your Horse Insurance Responsibilities



TheHorse.com Free Reports - http://www.thehorse.com/Free-Reports/Default.aspx This web site has dozens of “Fact Sheets” about a variety of current equine topics. You can read, download or print any that interest you. Check it out!
How to Correctly Apply a Polo Wrap
Equine Inventory Survey 2000


Click here for Horses Available for Adoption
from the Finger Lakes SPCA, Inc.

Finger Lakes SPCA, Inc www.fingerlakesspca.org


The Unwanted Horse Coalition Releases National Survey Results
UHC LogoWASHINGTON, D.C. – July 9, 2009 – The findings from the Unwanted Horse Coalition’s (UHC) Study on Contributing Factors Surrounding the Unwanted Horse Issue are now available.   The study is the first of its kind to assess the causes and magnitude of the unwanted horse population in the United States. 

Read Full Press Release...

Unwanted Horse Coalition www.unwantedhorsecoalition.org



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