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This page has been added to remember some of our departed equine friends, and pay tribute to the joy they brought into our lives. If you would like to add a memorial to this page, please email me a photo and a few words about your horse.

I have nothing to fear;
and here my story ends.
My troubles are all over,
and I am at home.
- last lines of Black Beauty




Snyder D. (1978-2013) of Sanborn enjoyed a long and happy life with his owner, Beth.


Chance left us too soon due to colic. Rescued from a life of abuse in 2006 he was the best friend, companion, trail partner, and trick pony anyone could ask for. Chance's life touched many people, and has helped many horses and their humans overcome their fears too acting as the calm example and quiet teacher thru trails and obstacle courses.

Our personal bond was indescribable, and his sudden passing has torn a hole in my heart. Nothing will ever be the same without you, you were the best horse ever and you took care of your "momma" every day without fail


Bingo, submitted by his owner Deborah P
"My beloved Arabian, Bingo, R.I.P my angel."

He was a beautiful horse that rode Western or English. Not a spook in him and be made so many happy. Our barn family is so sad without him and his stable mate, Rosie, is not the same since he left her.

Miss Brandy (1987-2004) was adopted at a wild horse roundup in 1990 when she was four. Street smart and kind, there was nothing wild about her, and she controlled her pasture mates with love and common sense.

She left this earth way too early on October 26, 2004, and life hasn't been the same in the barn since she passed.

The infamous 34 year old Arabian stallion, Storm Mystique
The infamous 34 year old Arabian stallion,
Storm Mystique
, owned by Stacey Bailey, passed away after battling Cushing's and heart disease.

He was well-loved and will be sadly missed.
Clover Ridge Duke (1978-2006) Clover Ridge Duke (1978-2006) Submitted by his owner, Maria Pahl

"Some horses come into our lives and quickly go. Others say awhile, make hoofprints on our hearts and we are never, never the same."
Lublins Tiffany (1981-2005)
Lublins Tiffany (1981-2005)

Submitted by her owner, Aimee Rae Pahl

"All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl."
Lenny, a beautiful 24 year old Belgian, passed away on March 9, 2008. He was rescued from a home of neglect and near starvation by Tender Mercy Equine Rescue of Middleport, NY and enjoyed several months of good food and lots of love before died.
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