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Royalton Equine Veterinary Services stresses the importance of a complete WELLNESS PROGRAM for the long-term health of your horse.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Routine physical and dental examinations and annual floating procedure. Advanced dentistry is available to patients requiring it; Every Horse Needs Dental Care… Including Yours.

  2. Vaccinations for diseases your horse may be exposed or susceptible to depending on its lifestyle and the season of the year; Protect Your Horse with Veterinarian-Administered Vaccinations;

  3. Nutritional counseling and hay analysis with
    Equi-analytical Laboratories as needed;

  4. Deworming programs individualized to your horse’s needs and which parasites pose a threat at different times of the year;

  5. Laboratory testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins test), other blood work or fecal exams as determined necessary.

  6. We offer 2 Colic Care Programs. SmartPak's ColicCare Program, for more information visit www.smartpakequine.com/ColiCare - and Platinum Performance Eqco Program, information can be found at PlatinumPerformance.com. Or ask us! We carry information on both programs.
Dr Jeanne Best of Royalton Equine Veterinary Services serves clients in WNY. Dr. Jeanne Best of Royalton Equine Veterinary Services in Lockport, NY.

Other Services provided by Royalton Equine Veterinary Services:

Senior Care

Cat and Older Horse

The older horse will benefit from regular check-ups including dental care, screening blood work and thyroid testing, review of nutritional program, review of parasite control, pasture maintenance, and farrier care. Thanks to advances in veterinary care and equine nutrition, horses are now living well into their 20’s and even 30’s!


Purchase Examinations

It is best if both the buyer and seller or their agents are present for the exam so that any questions or individual concerns may be properly addressed. These can be performed at your location or at the clinic in case of a horse out of my travel area, or if advanced procedures may be required, or in case of weather concerns.

Lameness Evaluations

Thorough examination including palpation, use of hoof testers, flexion test and diagnostic nerve blocks to localize the affected area. Computerized digital radiographic and ultrasonographic exams are available. This can be done in either the ambulatory setting or in the clinic as needed.

Dr. Jeanne Best performing a lameness evaluation. Dr. Jeanne Best performing a lameness evaluation.
Hoof Tester Evaluation

Global Vet Link: a service that provides your Coggins test electronically with your horse’s digital photo on it.

You will be able to access it on-line in most circumstances, and print all the copies you need. For more information you can go to www.globalvetlink.com.


Care for the Sick or Injured Horse

Whether you require colic examinations and treatment including intravenous fluid therapy, respiratory tract evaluation (endoscopy, tracheal wash, etc.), ophthalmologic examination, new foal exams or laceration repair, Royalton Veterinary Services is able to provide care in an ambulatory setting to your horse. This can be provided at your barn or in the clinic, depending on the needs of you and your horse.

Care can be provided in an ambulatory setting if practical. The clinic is available to receive horses which need more care than may be practical in a barn setting. We want to provide you and your horse with the best care possible.

hoof-before oof-after
Injured Horse: Before and After


Microchip Identification Program

Horses are permanently identified with the AVID Friend Chip to protect against loss in a disaster or possible theft. Your horse will be permanently registered in the PETtrac database.

The Bayer resQ Chip is also available which meets the current FEI and the new USEF requirements for microchipping.


Blood Chemistry, Complete Blood Counts (CBC), Thyroid testing and SAA Testing are now available in house!

Abaxix HM5 Digital Radiography at Royalton Equine Veterinary Services in Lockport, NY

The new Abaxis VS-2 Blood Analysis machine and the Abaxis VetScan HM5 Analyzer make it fast, easy and convenient to get reliable blood results - day or night, even in the event of an emergency. Whether part of a wellness exam, prepurchase screen or to monitor a sick horse, Royalton Equine now offers this service to its clients.

Serum amyloid A (SAA) is an early and sensitive blood biomarker for tissue injury and inflammation. It can be useful for such things as detection of clinical and possibly subclinical disease, monitoring of disease activity and response to therapy.


Direct Digital Radiography

This high tech, high quality digital imaging system has been a wonderful addition to the practice. It is truly a remarkable system and you will find it of great benefit when radiographs are necessary for your horse. It can be used for prepurchase exams, lameness, founder (angles can be calculated/the blacksmith can work with the doctor at the same time the films are taken) and views of the head to check dental problems/sinuses etc. come out beautifully!

Low-level Laser Therapy

Low-level Laser Therapy can be used to treat many conditions, and often is combined with other types of veterinary medicine. Low-level laser decreases pain and enhances circulation. If your horse has sustained an injury, undergone orthopedic surgery, or suffers from arthritis or other painful conditions, low-level laser therapy may help.



More information coming soon.



Using the Alive ECG Vet App, we can turn an i-phone into a heart monitor!

A specifically designed attachment allows recording of your horse’s heart rate and rhythm. Published studies demonstrate its ease of use and its reliability, and now, it’s available to our clients.

normal ECG tracing on a horse

This is a normal ECG tracing on a horse.

abnormal ECG from a horse with atrial fibrillation

This is an abnormal ECG from a horse with atrial fibrillation.

Here is an article from "The Horse" Magazine - Diagnosing Cardiac Arrhythmias in Horses on the Farm.



More information coming soon.


Equi-Resp Nebulizer

More information coming soon.


Billing Policy - Royalton Equine Veterinary Services:

Royalton Equine accepts credit cards (MasterCard/Visa) and offers "Care Credit" to those who want to apply. You can check it out at www.CareCredit.com.

As always, our billing policy is that payment is due at time of service. For emergency situations, this credit card option may be of benefit. You can apply for Care Credit ahead of time, and it will be available to use, or apply when it is needed. It only takes a few minutes by phone.

Royalton Equine Veterinary Services is able to provide care in an ambulatory setting for your horse.

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