How to Correctly Apply a Polo Wrap

First, gather your wraps. To roll them properly, start at the end with the velcro, fold the velcro back on itself, and then roll the wraps under tension all the way to the end. The more tension applied as it is rolled, the easier it is to put on the horse's leg. The ends may be tucked into the bandage to prevent it from unrolling prematurely.

Next, squatting next to your horse, make sure the leg is clean and dry before starting to wrap. Lay the end in the groove between the cannon bone and the suspensory ligament, about halfway between the knee (hock) and fetlock.

For the left legs, roll in a counter clockwise direction downward, wrap under the fetlock forming an inverted "V" on the front of the knee (hock), and secure the velcro.

When wrapping the right legs, wrap in a clockwise direction.

Until you are very proficient at bandaging, always have your bandages inspected before you ride!

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