Dr. Bentley was great with my horse. He had a serious injury and she was excellent with him.

Additionally recently on a cold January 2020 evening Dr. Best was called out to care for my friends horse that was down in the stall. Her calm demeanor and quick assessment of the situation was very much appreciated.

Emotions in that barn where running very high and Dr. Best was able to not only calm the horse but calm the people surrounding the horse. Ultimately to prevent any further suffering the family had to make the decision to put the horse down. Nothing about being a veterinarian of animals is easy. Sometimes I think being a large animal veterinarian would even be harder cuz you're dealing with 900 - 1200 pound animals thrashing and falling and desperately trying hold on or desperately trying to get the family to let them go.

Dr. Best's amazing professionalism along with her ability to be compassionate and patient but to know exactly when to step in to be the voice of reason is what makes me believe the Dr. Best is an extraordinary veterinarian and that Niagara county is very fortunate to have her.
Thank you Dr. Best for everything.

Peggy Sue S.

A state of the art equine facility that provides the most up to date, advanced diagnostic technology. This newly designed facility was carefully planned out by owners Dr. Jeanne Best, DVM and Ken Best, Farrier. The comfort for your equine companion is a top priority.

This facility is well equipped to find the exact location that is causing your horse pain. This extraordinary pair of equine professionals is able to manage severely foundered horses. The treatment your equine companion receives will have him standing and walking in comfort immediately.

Both stay current by attending seminars regularly. They give back to the community by hosting frequent seminars, that are open to everyone.

Michelle S.

I have used Royalton Equine and Dr. Jeanne Best for 20+ years. She and her associates have always been knowledgeable, professional and responsive. Their diagnoses and treatments are right-on but they are also very honest with difficult cases, requesting second opinions if necessary.

Their new clinic is a godsend: for example, a step-down unit for a horse coming out of the hospital at Cornell but still requiring treatments that would be difficult or impossible to do in your home barn. And finally, they are compassionate and supportive if your animal passes. Five stars all the way! E.A.D., MD

Elizabeth D.

Highly recommend! Dr. Best has been treating my mare and she's been fantastic. She's professional, kind, and very responsive to calls and emails. She clearly cares about her patients and I completely trust her judgment when it comes to the health of my girl!

Everyone I've interacted with from their practice has been a pleasure to work with. Our area is very lucky to be serviced by such knowledgeable professionals. Thank you for all you do!

Katherine L.

Dr. Best took on a horrific dental problem that other so called equine dentists said could not be corrected without surgery. After 2 visits our horse is doing so much better. He is gaining weight, his attitude has improved and he is now more energetic. I highly recommend Dr. Best for all your equine needs.

Jen P.

Belle has the best veterinary and farrier care ever. We are blessed to have Royalton Equine Veterinary Services, p.c taking care of us.

Christine S.

Dr. Best is amazing. She always call you back and is great. I've known her a long time. Highly recommend and she is honest. No complaints.

Robert M.

Best care, best attention and great veterinary’s services. Lucky we have professional Drs. Best and Drs Bentley!

Tatiana R.

Love Dr. Best, Ken Best, and their staff. Wouldnt trust my horse with anyone else!

Bri H.
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