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Riding and Showing Your Horse

Riding and Showing Your Horse

By March 27, 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments

As a reminder, read your horse show prize lists ahead of time to know what documents you will be required to show.

There are different vaccination and Coggin’s requirements at different locations. Plan ahead!

Call us at (716) 629-8384 to schedule your health care visit to get you ready!

It’s that time of year when everyone is getting Coggins tests and asking “How long will it be good?” Well, here are the NY state regulations on the EIA (Coggins) test:

1. All horses must have a negative EIA test in the 12 months preceding a change in ownership.(1 NYCRR 64.8).
2. All horses being imported into NY for purposes other than movement to slaughter must accompanied by a CVI and a negative EIA test in the preceding 12 months.(1 NYCRR 64.4).
3. All horses transported on a public road in NY must have had a negative EIA test in the current or previous calendar year. (1 NYCRR 64.7).

You can also read the article on my Helpful Resources page, Why a Horse Needs a Coggins Test to go to a Horse Show.

In general, we tell clients to give us a week to get the results back to you. This is our most economical service.

We do have the ability to run a test through a different lab, overnight UPS but there is an additional fee for a stat test.

Results from either form of test will be sent to you via email. We can mail it to you if you request it.